I Still Remember (2021)

  • Sport, Drama
  • 1h 30m

I Still Remember is an uplifting sports drama focusing on running, finding its protagonists at turning points in their lives as they seek to find purpose and keep promises. Physical education teacher Mr. Wong maintains he is a man of his word to his late wife by committing to running his first 10K race. Meanwhile, his former student Chi, inspired by an overweight girl’s efforts to slim down so she can run with her idol, starts running at a time when his career in real estate career is floundering, as he wonders what to do with his life.

With sweat and tears along the way, the film’s characters discover running carries them through the ups and downs of life. The stunning cinematography by O Sing Pui, who is also the producer of the film, sublimely captures running, leaving no question that this visual treat will be of interest to runners and cinephiles alike.


Lik Ho






Hong Kong


Golden Scene

Bonus Content

Lik Ho Q&A

Lik Ho, director of I Still Remember, talks about the challenges of making his first feature and working in the Hong Kong film industry, and about the enduring popularity of inspirational sports dramas and the decision to focus the story on running.

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