Fresh Wave: GoGo Club (2019)

  • Drama
  • 25min

Yin grows up in the “Golden Rose Nightclub” where his mother did odd-jobs to earn their living, and stays on after his mother’s death. As nightclubs become out of fashion, he is dismissed, with a battered truck as severance pay. Unable to afford the high rents, makes his living as a delivery boy by day and sleeps in the truck at night. One day, he meets Hana, a flyer distributor in costume. They convert the truck into a mini nightclub and encounter colourful guests with colourful stories. Working night and day in this bustling city, they live together in the small truck and dream of the day they can enjoy a dream vacation on a poster, believing that hard work will make their dreams come true….


Rei LEUNG Wan-yi






Hong Kong


Fresh Wave

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