Beyond the Dream (2019)

  • Drama
  • 2h 0m

Lok (Terrance Lau) is a recovering schizophrenic who yearns for love. One day, he encounters the young and beautiful Yan (Cecilia Choi) and quickly falls in love with her. Just when he struggles whether to tell her about his illness, he has a relapse and becomes delusional. Little does he know that she’s a psychological counsellor who has a hidden agenda. The pair develops a relationship that is beyond their wildest dreams.

Based on the award-winning short film Upstairs (2006), which was also directed by Kiwi Chow, Beyond the Dream enjoyed box office success in Hong Kong and the became the highest-grossing domestic film in Hong Kong in 2020 since the COVID-19 pandemic. The film also won awards and nominations at a long list of festivals, including Best Adapted Screenplay award at 57th Golden Horse Awards.


Kiwi Chow






Hong Kong


Golden Scene

Bonus Content

Kiwi Chow Q&A

Kiwi Chow, writer and director of Beyond the Dream, discusses tackling the sensitive subject of schizophrenia and his visual approach to the film, as well as its popularity with audiences and critics as a social drama.

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