A Witness out of the Blue (2019)

  • Mystery, Thriller, Foreign Language
  • 1h 44m

An offbeat award-winning Hong Kong murder mystery that’s part police thriller and part Freudian psychodrama. After a criminal is found dead, police suspect that the murder is linked to an earlier violent jewellery store robbery, with the only witness being a talking parrot. Also known as a screenwriter for Stephen Chow and Johnnie To, Fung Chih-chiang has previously tackled the western, musical and media satire genres, and continues to surprise with his highly entertaining fourth directorial outing, which offers a fresh, fun perspective on the detective noir, and boasts a fantastic ensemble cast.

English and Chinese subtitles.


Fung Chih-chiang






Hong Kong


One Cool Pictures

Bonus Content

Andrew Fung Chih-Chiang Q&A

Andrew Fung talks about the inspiration for A Witness Out Of The Blue, and just what is it like working with a parrot.

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